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IPS Payroll Solutions


IPS Payroll Solutions

At IPS we understand and respect the value you place on your payroll expectations. IPS's services are therefore designed to allow the Client to specify the degree of assistance required on a day to day basis, including liaisioning with statutory authorities and salary related third parties.

IPS caters for both weekly and monthly paid employees.

The standard service that IPS offers includes the following:

• Collation of input

• Processing payroll input and finalise

• Reconciling all Company and other deductions

• Generating payslips (laser printed or electronic)

• Effecting salary transfers (EFT’s) on behalf of Client

• Creating/compiling all salary related reports (all laser printed or electronic)

• Creating/compiling customised financial salary related journals (all laser printed or electronic)

• Making Statutory and sundry payments on behalf of Client

• Submitting Statutory UIF data electronically to the Commissioner

• Keep and updating records of leave and leave provisions

• Providing for annual bonuses

Other optional services, as below, are also available on request:

• Structuring of salaries

• Calculating retrenchment packages

• Application and obtaining tax directives on behalf of employee/company

• Managing employee benefits (Pension & Provident Funds, Medical Aid, etc)

• Managing and administering garnishee orders

• Reconciling and issuing of IRP5 and IT3A’s at tax year end

• Completing Workmen's Compensation annual return and submit timeously

• Handling of tax related issues

• Consulting on an ad-hoc basis

• On the job training (only VIP system users)

Cost of service

Apart from choosing the best product and service at the right price, you as the Client, should make the very important choice of which partner to choose. A reliable knowledgeable and accredited service provider with a good record of accomplishments would support and enhance your decision.

IPS ‘s fees are market related structured and most affordable.

Quotations, subject to its conditions, are available on request and are free of charge. No quotations will, however, be given telephonically.

All fees are subject to VAT.

Payroll System

IPS makes use of VIP Classic, the most advanced and flexible payroll system that runs on Windows.

Typical features of the system would include the following:

• Strong payroll orientated

• Fully flexible

• Very user friendly

• Fully supported and updated

• On-line real time

• Flexible earnings and deductions

• Tax calculations

Electronic payslips, etc