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Please complete your request below for a free quotation. Indicate by clicking on the check box against each item whether that specific service is required or not. Complete the check boxes, where necessary, in as much detail as possible. This will allow us to provide you with quotations that best match your needs.

Please use the file/print option to print your application before submitting it. Click on the "Submit" button to send your request to IPS. IPS undertakes to confirm all applications with a written quotation via e-mail within 48 hours. All quotations will be valid for three weeks and will be subject to changes.

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Quotation Form

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No of Weekly/Monthly Paid Employees

Location of Branches

Standard Service Required

Optional Services Required

Standard Services Include:

Collation of Input

Processing Payroll Input and Finalise

Reconciling All Deductions

Generating Payslips

Keep and Updating Record of Leave

Compiling Salary Related Reports

Compiling Financial Salary Related Journals

Making 3rd Party Payments on Behalf of Client

Submitting EMP201 Return Electronically to SARS

Submitting Statutory UIF Data Electronically to the Commisioner

Providing Anual Bonuses

Handling Tax Related Issues

Other (Please Specify)

Optional Services Include:

Structuring of Salaries

Effecting Salary Transfers on Behalf of Client

Calculating Retrenchment Packages

Managing Employee Benefits (please specify which)

Managing & Administering Garnishee Orders

Application & Obtaining Tax Directives on Behalf of Client

Reconcilliation and Issuing of IRP5 and IT3A's at Tax Year End

Completing Workmen's Compensation Annual Return and Submit

Consulting on an Ad-Hoc Basis

On the Job Training

Other (please specify)