IPS Payroll Solutions

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IPS Payroll Solutions

IPS Payroll Solutions

In Summary

IPS Payroll Solutions Vision

It is IPS's vision to remain and grow as an unique personalised and accredited Service Provider of Salaried Payroll Services in South Africa.




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In summary, IPS offers an attractive and valuable alternative to in-house payroll processing. IPS's payroll outsourcing solution offers you peace of mind while you stay focused on your core business. In addition to accurate payroll processing compliant with current legislation, we further enhance your business through our value added outsourcing services.

IPS Payroll Solutions Mission

It is IPS's mission to provide a cost effective, professional and efficient Payroll Bureau Service to exclusive Clients where the need exists.



IPS Payroll Solutions Savings

IPS has a payroll solution for any business, no matter their location, or how simple or complex their salaried payroll needs are.

IPS's payroll solution removes the tedium and time pressure involved in administering a payroll and concurrently ensures that employees are paid timeously and accurately, in accordance with Company and SARS legislation.



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Independent Payroll Services (IPS) provides a cost effective, professional, and efficient salary/payroll/administrative and consulting service to businesses that do not have a payroll infrastructure.

IPS has all the expertise and knowledge to offer comprehensive solutions to the management of payroll requirements of companies who whishes to outsource their salaried services.